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remotesh*NEW*by maxnoise

Java application to execute shell scripts on remote machines, through telnet.

irqled*NEW*by phoenix

Show IRQ activity on keyboard LEDs.

mplamplasby phoenix

Voice streaming client/server for high quality audio with loss-less compression, tcp and multicast connections.

mpouri*UPDATED*by phoenix

Multi-process datapipe program with verbose logging.

grklshby Thunder

Greek to Greeklish text converter. Convert a text file with Greek fonts to a Greeklish text file.

Mandelbrot-IIby phoenix

Fractal generator based on the Mandelbrot Set. 2D and 3D rendering. Uses SVGALib for display and UI, and also has support for GMP library for arbitrary precission calculations (thus infinite zoom capabilities) and also PVM support, for parallel rendering using Beowulf clusters.

Boskosby phoenix

Job scheduler and workload distributor for PVM (Beowulf clusters). Simple interface with overloadable functions for fast development of parallel processing code. It is designed to work mainly with applications with high Block Processing requirements and medium to low Data Flows. It contains the code to brute force the RC5-72 algorithm with random keys (with PRNG support) as an example of use (which needs a file of primes to run).

PVM-Starterby phoenix

Client/Server program to handle remote start of PVM (Beowulf) daemons. The client program is designed to run in Unix environment, and there are two versions of the server program, one for Unix and one for Windows. The client can connect to both versions. The Unix version runs as a daemon, and the Windows versions runs as a Service. The Windows version also includes a necessary patch for pvmd.c. The main reason for the existence of this program is that freeware Windows "rshd" compatible programs doesn't work properly with PVM (even the "openssh" cygwin port).

Backapby phoenix

Creates incremental backups from files based on md5sums to detect changes (thus ignores duplicate files). It creates small tar files with all the files that changed content since the previous backup.


spawnby phoenix

Spawn a external program and access its stdin/stdout/stderr through file-descriptors.

multicastby phoenix

Basic wrapper functions to join/part a multicast group/port, send and receive data in blocking and non-blocking mode, configure packet TTL, toggle multicast loop-back, and lock the routed interface of a joined group/port.

ghs_inetby phoenix

Small header with functions to establish and use TCP sockets. It includes Telnet negotiation protocol support.


sysinfoby phoenix

Get a realtime pre-formated output of system information (cpu info/status, memory/swap usage, load, procs) gathered from the /proc system, through a tcp socket.

memcheckby phoenix

Simple memory validation using various test patterns and access methods. Very useful for embedded systems.

hdstoxeriby phoenix

IDE disk spin-up/down MTBF tester. Spins up and down your hard-disk continuously.

gifcounterby phoenix

Inline generated GIF image of a counter, with auto increment.

bgchangerby phoenix

Randmly change your background every X seconds using "wmsetbg" (WindowMaker). Background image files are read from user-defined directories.

randomby phoenix

Get random numbers. Usefull for shell-scripts. Uses /proc/[u]random.

fixntfsby phoenix

Change NTFS partition table sectors and heads attributes.


Nauixby phoenix

Ad-free Unix client for the Xtream ISP. Also a java version (source, executable, a required dll)