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AVR_stdlibby phoenix

A header and assembly files which implement many functions and macros to use in software design for the Atmel AVR AT90S series. Powerfull features like preprocessor variable declaration are available.

SCRWby phoenix

Smartcard reader/writer based on an AVR AT90S8515. As interface a dumb terminal can be used for basic read/write functions, or a computer program for custom operations.

SCEmuby phoenix

Smartcard emulator card. A PCB with the dimensions of a normal smartcard but extended from the one side to fit the recuired circuitry. An AVR AT90S2313 controller that can be programmed to emulate the functions of various smartcards. Freq at 1Mhz (internal-RC but can go up to 8Mhz/11.059Mhz with an external crystal), 2 buttons, few LEDs, SPI port.

MP3Manby phoenix

Low cost portable hardware mp3 player with an IDE emulator (CDROM/HD). It's using the MAS3507(MPEG1 layer 3 decoder), the DAC3550(DAC, amplifier), and two AT90S8515.

CPUKewlerby phoenix

A controller for peltier devices used as CPU coolers, designed to protect your PC from short-circuits due to the liquification of the air humidity that an uncontrolled peltier running at full power will cause.

AVRA(local mirror)

An GNU GPL'ed assembler for the Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Official project page is at sourceforge.