Internet Relay Chat

#grhack is an IRC channel that was created at the UNDERnet IRC Network in the summer of 1995, as a place for Greek people to talk about operating systems and computer programming, focusing on security and other programming quirks.

The reason was that in the other IRC channels with a relative subject people didn't like the "greeklish" that Greek people used to write while discussing with each other (why bother translating your thoughts from Greek to English when you can use greeklish? :-), and that generated some hostility against them.

And then #grhack was born, registered with UNDERnet's CService three months later, and re-registered a year later (after a few problems with UNDERnet's database).

Since then many years have passed, the Greek Internet community grew larger and larger every day, the channel was made widely known, many people passed through it, others stayed, others considered themselves on the highest level of intelligence and left seeking their place in the Hall of Fame, and people started mimicking the channel and #grhack clones were created in other IRC networks like GRNet or EFNet.

Present day, the channel is still there, live and kicking. Anybody can join, anybody can use it (but not abuse it). So, who's the Boss in there? No one. The channel is maintained, not moderated, and it's not a podium for Leet Haxors. Abusers are thrown out, users are free to discuss anything they want. Uber haxors, script-kidiez that think messaging someone 20 times asking for help will improve their programming skills, and anyone that "demands" respect just for his mere existence, will only improve their knowledge of kick/ban reasons. Respect is earned and not called for.

World Wide Web

This is the official webpage for the #grhack channel. Its purpose is to provide basic information about the channel and a wide range of computer technology and general electronics related subjects. It is not and will never become another security portal, "Hacking Today" e-zine, "Yee.. Bow Before Me, I am a Hacker" forum, or a "Who Wants To Be A Hacker" conference.

Simplicity. Three sections with source codes, electronic projects, and documents. Public material from anyone to everyone. Huge, small, simple, complicated, advanced, amateur, anything that could be found useful to someone.

We'll try to put as much material as we can, but help from anybody that wants to provide his own projects for the public, will be greatly appreciated. Email us your project and we will put it in the appropriate section along with you personal "copyright" statement.

And for the nostalgic, we still have the first #grhack webpage from 1997.